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Rhinelander to White Lake, Wisconsin

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Denise, Jim, & Ralph Nice View Rest Stop WC HY-RAIL Bob's Hy-Rail

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June 1999 Wis Central Motorcar Excursion

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The next day, Sunday, June 13th, 1999, we meet at the Wisconsin Central Engine House in Rhinelander at 8:00 AM. After a brief meeting, we refueled our motorcars which had been parked on the rail siding overnight. Everyone stocked up for the long ride to White Lake that day. This is about a 135 mile round trip ride.

8:30 AM was our departure time. We traveled east back to Agonne where we had been the morning before. As we traveled to Argonne, we passed Sharks where until the early 80's, the Chicago & Northwestern's Monico to Watersmeet line crossed at grade. We then took the Shawano Sub south.

The next town we arrived in was Crandon, WI. Here, we took a 20 minute rest stop. After Crandon, the roads thinned out quite a bit. Because we were on welded rail at this time, we were able to really make some good time here. The next major crossing was State Highway 52 just north of Lily, and State Highway 55 just south of Lily.

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