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Rhinelander to White Lake, Wisconsin

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Lin-up in Crandon Lunch in White Lake Wolf River Bridge Al and Bill Max and Norm from WC

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June 1999 Wis Central Motorcar Excursion

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South of Lily, we crossed the Wolf River. This was an interesting thing to do in an open motorcar. The bridge is long and narrow, and was great to stop in the middle to view the rapid river below. After the river bridge, it was just a short distance to our destination of White Lake, Wisconsin.

We were greeted by what appeared to be the whole town! Everyone was taking pictures and really having a good time. The local historical society had brats and burgers for sale. They also had the White Lake Depot open for us to tour with hats and shirts for sale. There was also a diner located adjacent to the track where we turned our cars for the return trip back to Rhinelander.

Our return trip was the reverse of the out-bound leg with a well deserved rest stop in Crandon, Wi.

All in all, we traveled 235 miles over two days and everyone had a wonderful time doing it.

I would like the thank our two Wisconsin Central Railroad escorts, Max at the head of the pac and Norm brining up the rear. A special thanks goes out to Max and Norm for volunteering "extra duty" to insure us a safe and enjoyable ride. Both men drove Hy-rail vehicles and were very helpful. Without his guys, we wouldn't be able to do a trip like this. :-)


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