Ex- Illinois Central Main Line Rail Track at Belleville, Wisconsin.
Scott Janz's Pump Car

This "Pump Car" is an antique brought to Depot Days by Scott Janz. A big attraction for the young and old alike. Scott just pick up this gem in New York recently.

This hand pump car was built between 1900 and 1910 by the Sheffield company. The
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B & O) was the original owner of the car. There are number of hand car buffs who build their own cars patterned after the 1907 Sheffield car. In the very early days of this century a children's baseball team and their coach took a hand pump car such as this from New Glarus to Albany, WI., a distance of 16 miles for a Sunday afternoon baseball game. It's a sure bet that Albany beat a very tired New Glarus team.

A good way to get some exercise while waiting for the rest of the motorcars to arrive back for the next ride.


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