Ex- Illinois Central Main Line Rail Track in Monticello, Wisconsin.
Ruth selling Tickets





Get your tickets here.

Ruth is in charge of ticket sales. She makes sure you get a ticket and get on the right motorcar depending on the direction you want to go.

Tickets are only $3.00! Quite a value. Every ride was sold out for the day by noon.

Monticello was at the diamond between the Illinois Central and the Milwaukee Road. Both railroads had large depots in Monticello. The original Milwaukee Road depot burned in about 1910 and was replaced by a smaller and much less ornate depot. The Illinois Central depot was a standard two story depot used in other IC towns in Wisconsin including Basco, Fitchburg, Argyle, Martintown, Blanchardville, Dill, Hollandale, and Jonesdale. The Martintown depot is the only remaining depot of this style. A portion of the Basco depot has been remodeled into a house just east of the right-of-way.


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